The Ultimate Notebook

Now €24.95

A notebook created by and for hustlers. When you have a problem in life, you fix it yourself!

We couldn't find the right notebook adjusted to our fast-paced life. So we created it ourselves. We created The Ultimate Notebook.

  • • Two-sided, because no go-getter is only working on 1 project at the same time.
  • • Strong enough to endure the many travels of a digital nomad.
  • Filled with positive affirmations to get your ambitions to the next level.
  • With a soft leather touch cover because... that's just ultimate.

We now challenge you, the hustlers, to do the same thing! Fix problems yourself, with a little help of The Ultimate Notebook.


"I take notes like some people take drugs. There is an eight-foot stretch of shelves in my house containing nothing but full notebooks."


The Ultimate Notebook for the ultimate high achiever


Because every high achiever is working on multiple projects. Divide your notes the way you like.

Motivational quotes

Because it is important that a high achiever stays motivated and keeps being reminded that other high achievers with The Ultimate Notebook are hustling as well.

Soft leather touch

And smooth design because good first impressions last.

High Quality

Because we don't like to see things falling apart. We hustle until the best business ideas are created. The Notebook should represent this hard work and success in the end.

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