5 most Ultimate people in the world 🏆

The 5 most Ultimate people

In history, great men and women have shaped the world to what it is today. However, our planet is ever taking new shapes and today it’s changing faster than ever before. Thousands of people are responsible for that change, but there are some who really stand out. We listed the 5 most Ultimate people in the world right now.

Oh, for your interest, these most Ultimate people are ranked in random order.

1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates was the richest person on earth for more than a decade. He started growing a genuine interest in computers and in particular software together with his friend Paul Allen, in a time where the computer was anything but what it looks like now.

In 1975, at the insistence of Allen, Gates quit his studies at the renowned Harvard University to establish the company which made them world-famous: Microsoft. Today, Microsoft is the world’s biggest software company. Quitting a highly regarded study to live in uncertainty and to become an entrepreneur, that’s just Ultimate! 😎

Bill Gates

What makes Gates even more Ultimate, is his involvement in charity. Together with his wife Melinda (and another Ultimate person named Warren Buffet), he owns the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is reported to be the largest private foundation in the world, holding $46.8 billion in assets. The Gates’ couple were named Persons of the Year 2005 by TIME Magazine for their effort in charity.

The main goals of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are to improve healthcare and to decrease extreme poverty around the world. Right now, they are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. 💉

2. Jeff Bezos

From Bill Gates to the world’s current richest man alive: Jeff Bezos. In 2017 his wealth surpassed 100 billion dollars. Bezos is the first-ever person in modern history to reach that accolade. 🤑

Bezos graduated from Princeton University with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Bezos became rich, not by working on Wall Street, which he did for 8 years, but by building his own company named Amazon.

Jeff Bezos

What began as just an online bookstore became today’s world’s largest online sales company. Next to that Bezos is also known for his aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin, which he founded in 2000. 13 years later he bought the famous American newspaper The Washington Post. 🗞

Now, next to being the richest person on the planet, what makes Bezos so Ultimate? Well, he favored diverting Amazon profits back into the company instead of allocating it amongst shareholders in the form of dividends. He really wanted his company to grow in the best possible way. TIME Magazine naming him Person of the Year in 1999 is just one of the many recognitions he received.

3. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is another self-made man who taught himself computer programming from being just 10 years old. Together with his brother Musk founded an internet company called Zip2 in 1995 with the help of a group of business angels. When Compaq bought Zip2 for 307 million dollars, Musk received 22 million dollars, which he invested in an online payment platform. 💸

That online payment platform X.com was later merged with PayPal, which grew incredibly fast by paying new customers upon registration. When eBay bought Paypal in 2002, Musk as the main shareholder received 165 million euros.

Elon Musk

It looks like Musk likes the letter X because in that same year he founded aerospace manufacturer SpaceX with the long term vision of growing a population in space. He became the CEO and chief designer of SpaceX. Two years later, he got involved with the electric car manufacturer Tesla and he was the main designer of the Model… X! ⚡️

His involvement in Tesla didn’t go unnoticed as multiple publications compared him to Henry Ford. Just like Bill Gates, Musk has got his own foundation that helps to provide solar panels to disaster areas and he wants to deliver affordable internet worldwide with SpaceX’s Starlink program.

4. Richard Branson

Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos share a common interest: space tourism. They are all in the running to create space shuttles that will bring people to space for fun. Branson is working on it with his companies Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit. 🚀

Branson was dyslectic and a bad student. On his last day of school, his headmaster told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire. He would end up being the latter...

Richard Branson

As you can see, the name Virgin is Branson’s showpiece. He became first known for his record label Virgin Records which he founded in 1970 when he was still studying. The label sold LPs for a cheap price. The name Virgin was made up by his colleague Tessa Watts since they were ‘new to the game’, just like virgins. The label grew to be a phenomenon after working with artists like The Rolling Stones and Lenny Kravitz. 🎶

Fourteen years after founding Virgin Records, Branson started the airline Virgin Atlantic. When the airline was in financial troubles, he sold Virgin Records. However, his Virgin empire kept on growing. All of his companies are part of the Virgin Group, which holds 31 companies.

Due to his ‘unique’ marketing stunts and his somewhat hippie-look, Branson became known as the enfant terrible of the business world. Though you must say: it’s really Ultimate to become a multimillionaire after dropping out of secondary school. 

5. Gary Vaynerchuck

Also somewhat seen as an enfant terrible due to his cursing, Gary Vaynerchuk has also got the love of the ‘X’ in common with Elon Musk, naming his communications company VaynerX. Also known as GaryVee, he is one of the first people to successfully convert a physical liquor store into an online wine store with a daily webcast covering wine. 🍷

Through e-commerce and pricing strategies, GaryVee grew his father’s business from 3 million dollars a year to 60 million dollars a year in a time span of 5 years.

Gary Vaynerchuk

GaryVee now owns VaynerX, a communications company that holds media properties, technology companies, and social media agency VaynerMedia. VaynerMedia was founded by Gary and his brother AJ in 2009. It provides social media and strategy services to Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Anheuser-Busch, Mondelez International, and PepsiCo.

Next to his successful ventures, GaryVee is also an author of multiple marketing books such as Crush it! and Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook. 🥊

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