5 ultimate tips to work from home productively 🏡

Work from home

As our society is preparing for the ‘new normal’, working from home might be one of the main changes in our lives. Some of you might have already got the hang of it but for others, it’s still a search for the right balance. That’s why we’re giving you 5 ultimate tips to get used to your new life.

There are loads of tips you could use to work from home productively. However, we know your time is precious, so we picked the 5 most ultimate tips. Here you go. ⬇️

1. Don’t work too much

As a full-time hustler, this might sound a bit contradictory. We know that you love your work but we also know that if you don’t switch from your office to your home, you could stay there for hours. Nevertheless, you do need to find a healthy work/life balance. Whereas for ordinary folk this is a 9-to-5 job and the rest of the night off, this might be longer for you but don’t exaggerate.

It’s important to give your mind some rest and to spend some time with your loved ones to be in an optimal form the next day. So, set an end time on your workday and switch to your personal time for the rest of the night. Of course, you’re a flexible person. So, if you work later than your schedule allows you to today, sleep a little longer tomorrow. This way you’ll stay healthy and happy. 😊

2. Go outside

It’s incredibly important to leave your house once in a while. Does your spouse normally do shopping? Accompany him or her this time. That way, you’ll go outside and you can get some sun rays on your skin to provide you with the necessary vitamins.

Are you taking a break? Don’t just scroll through Facebook but stretch your legs and go for a walk. This will really bring peace of mind to you so you can thrive again when you return to your desk. 😌

3. Stay connected

When you’re an extrovert who likes to chit-chat with your colleagues it will probably be harder for you to work at home. You can feel lonely or isolated. It’s important to keep your conversations running, to stay connected to your colleagues and friends. 🌐

There are multiple solutions to this problem. You can either convince your staff to make a chit-chat Slack channel (or any other internal communication tool), or just a (group) chat to talk about random things to your colleagues. Another possibility is to stay in the online video call just a little longer than everybody else and to have a personal chat with someone else who stayed there last. 💬

If you miss your friends, you can always pick a time slot to call them whenever you’re both available.

4. Be optimistic

Remote working will not be forever. It’s possible that in the ‘new normal’ you might need to work from home 1 or more days a week but you’ll probably have some office time as well. So, if you’re feeling down working from home, just stay optimistic and think that you will return to the office soon. 🔜

This is also important for team spirit. You have more impact than you can imagine. In fact, all of the employees are influencers. In written text, it’s sometimes hard to interpret the right tone in writing. So, it’s better to be overly optimistic than to create some tension. You can use emoji’s or exclamation points to give your conversation that extra positive tone. 😄

A nice tool for Slack users is HeyTaco. It’s a Slack extension that allows you to give your team members credit. For example, @Tom you did great during the meeting with that client 🌮. This way Tom will feel appreciated, and there is a leaderboard attached. Who doesn’t like a little competition?

5. Add routine to your remote life

It’s important to start your day freshly. When you just stumble out of your bed and get straight to work, your head is not clear at all. Build in a morning routine. Some think it’s great to work in pajamas, but for others that routine can be to get dressed up, have breakfast and read the paper. 📰

Maybe you love yoga or like going for a jog. Others just need a cup of coffee to get the day started. It doesn’t matter. As long as you do it every time you work from home, it will get you in the right setting for your job.

Do this throughout the day, not only in the morning. Like eating lunch at the same time and going for a walk with your dog to end your working day, or shutting down your computer when you’re done. Make your own routine. 🖥

Are you absentminded? You can write your whole routine or your own tips in The Ultimate Notebook so you’ll remember them forever!

Not sure how to take notes? Read our ultimate guide to notetaking here.

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