Five tips for better notetaking ✍️

In this blogpost, we'll give you five ultimate tips for better notetaking. Did you know about all of these tips?

1. Always bring a pen and paper everywhere you go

Always bring a pen and paper everywhere you go. This includes meetings, workshops, lunch,... Make sure you can always write down your ideas. Because ideas that aren't written down, are likely to be forgotten. So write down your ultimate idea right now! 🖊️

2. Make up your own shorthand

Make up your own shorthand. There is standard shorthand, but it's useless to use it if you don't understand it. Find your own shorthand that makes sense to you. You can use drawings and symbols. As long as you can link the symbol with the meaning of it, you're good to go! 🔗

3. Any notes are better than no notes

As told in the first tip, if you don't write it down, you probably won't remember it. That's why any notes are better than no notes at all. Especially at meetings, you can't write down everything. But even if you didn't catch it all, your notes will help you remember later. 🤔

4. Get organized

Make sure that matching notes are grouped into sections. That's why we created a double-sided notebook so that you can separate your notes from different projects. 🗂️

💡 Bonus tip: An index is always a great idea to organize your notes.

5. Your notebook is yours

Your notebook is yours, so do with it what you need. If you are a visual learner, draw pictures. Organize your notebook in a way that works for you. It's important that you understand what you write down. ✍️

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